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Complete Natural Formula With 12 Smart Extracts That Targets Even The Most Stubborn Hormonal and Menopausal Symptoms

  • Supports hormonal balance*
  • Relieves symptoms of Menopause*
  • Supports Cortisol, Estrogen and Progesterone levels*
  • Promotes healthy weight loss and curb carb cravings*
  • Improves sleep quality*
  • Reduces occasional bloating and gas*
  • Relieves hot flashes*
  • Relieves mild mood swings and boosts energy*

Product Highlights

  • Formulated with scientifically backed ingredients
  • Free from Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Sugar. Non-GMO.
  • Made in the USA with the finest local and globally sourced ingredients
  • Serving size of 3 small capsules once per day
  • 72 plant-based capsules per jar
  • 180 day money back guarantee
  • Designed for women of ALL ages

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